Adam is a teenaged Human male from a small planet known to its inhabitants as Earth. The Humans of this humble and seemingly insignificant world are blissfully unaware of the large amount of activity taking place just a few lightyears outside their solar-system. An 18 year old in the Senior year of High School, Adam is a huge fan of the fictional Sci-Fi franchise known as Star Wars. But on the day before his 18th birthday, he soon discovers a truth that changes his life and the fate of his world forever. A Pantoran female by the name of Riyo Chuchi crash lands in his next door neighbor's front yard, whom incidentally, is also a character from an episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars he had seen the previous night. Learning that she comes from the era and time-period of the Clone Wars and had ventured into the Unknown Regions of her galaxy for aid in the Republic's war effort, he offers the wayward girl shelter at his house with his family, where he reveals to her the truth of how he knows of her home-galaxy. As time passes, the young boy is conflicted with the knowledge that the War set in place by Darth Sidious and his evil minions is still going on and questioning whether or not the events preceeding it can be prevented. He also discovers, like Riyo, he too has a dormant potential in the Force. Deciding to do what's right, he promises to help Riyo gain more experience in the Force and works to change the events of the Star Wars movies (mainly Episode III onward) and help bring peace to his home and hers.