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Riyo Chuchi- PantoranEdit

Age 17Edit

Homeworld: PantoraEdit

Personality: Calm, Reserved, Resourceful, Intelligent Loyal, Caring.Edit

 Chosen Class: Jedi SentinelEdit

 Known Force Techniques: Saber Throw, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Speed, Force Jump, Telekinesis, Memory-meld (Similar to Force Meld,) Force-Download (Converts information into small sparks of electricity and transfers them into the part of the brain used for storing and remembering information,) Tech Sync (Allows user to connect ones mind and consciousness with any piece of technology and learn its functions, assembly, disassembly and more.)Edit

=='Known Lightsaber Forms: Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Shien/Djem So.

Curent Romantic Relationship: With AdamEdit

Adam- HumanEdit

Age 18Edit

Homeworld: EarthEdit

Personality: Loyal, Determined, Intelligent, Impulsive, Stubborn, Flexible, Caring, Kind, Resourceful, Creative.Edit

Chosen Class: Jedi SentinelEdit

Known Force Techniques: Force Push, Force Speed, Saber Throw Force Jump, Telekinesis, Force Lightning, Mind Meld, Force Download, Tutaminis, Force Healing (Primarily removing dangerous toxins and substances from the body. This can be applied on his own as well as others'.)Edit

 Known Lightsaber Forms: Shii-Cho, Ataru, Shien/Djem So, Vaapad (Learning)Edit

Current Romantic Relationship: With Riyo. Pets: Alex (Cat,) Treecko (Leopard Gecko.)Edit

Ahsoka Tano- Togruta Edit

Age 16 Edit

Homeworld: Shili Edit

Personality: Impulsive, Rash, Kind, Loyal, Mischieveous, Easy-going, Resourceful, Intelligent, Creative. Edit

Chosen Class: Undecided Edit

Known Force Techniques: Force Push, Force Pull, Force Jump, Saber Throw, Telekinesis, Force Sense, Mind Trick. Edit

Known Lightsaber Forms:Shien/Djem So, Ataru, Niman/Jar'Kai. Edit

Current: Romantic Relationship: Single. Edit

Asajj Ventress- Dathomirian Edit

Age 25 Edit

Homeworld: Dathomir Edit

Personality: Before Reformation: Sadistic, Vengeful, Impaitent, Rage-filled, Troubled, Untrusting, Prideful, Obssesive. After Reformation: Calm, Quiet, Relaxed, Resourceful, Aware, Humorous, Loyal, Lonely, Regretful, Kind. Edit

Chosen Class: Jedi Consular Edit

Known Force Techniques:Telekinesis, Force Speed, Force Jump, Force Grip, Affect Mind, Force Crush. Edit

Known Lightsaber Techniques:Niman/Jar'Kai, Makashi. Edit

Current Romantic Relationship: Single. Pets: Fal'ec (Nexu.) Edit

MK-18- Battle Droid (B1)Edit

Age UnknownEdit

Homeworld: Unknown (Mostly likely Geonosis)Edit

Personality: Quirky, Loyal, Somewhat Socially Awkward, Sarcastic, Intelligent.Edit

Known Techniques and Equipment: Computerized Brain capabled of storing large amounts of information and memories, Built-in Video Recorder, Upgraded Blaster, Upgraded Armor, Jet-pack.Edit

DK-92- Droideka Edit

Age Unknown Edit

Homeworld: Unknown (Most likely Geonosis) Edit

Personality: First few months of Re-Activation: Quiet, Reserved, Intelligent, Loyal. Four months after Re-Activation: Humorous, Emotional, Intelligent, Loyal. Edit

Known Techniques and Equipment: Able to curl up body and roll like wheel for maximum speed, Upgraded Shield capable of reflecting strong blaster fire and even Lightsabers, Upgraded armor, Jet-pack. Edit

Savage Opress- Dathomirian (Zabrak) Edit

Age 30 Edit

Homeworld: Dathomir Edit

Personality: Before and After Transformation: Loyal, Brave, Honorable, Caring, Headstrong and Impatient. During Transformation: Callous, Aggressive, Impulsive, Incompassionate, Merciless. Edit

Chosen Class: Jedi Guardian Edit

Known Force Techniques: Force Push, Force Speed, Force Jump, Force Grip, Force Repulse, Force Lightning and Resistance to (Learning,) Saber Throw. Edit

Known Lightsaber Techniques: Soresu, Shii-Cho, Niman/Jar'Kai, Juyo (Through mental connection with his brother Maul.) Edit

Current Romantic Reliationship: Single.      Edit