Riyo Chuchi

Riyo Chuchi in Pantoran Jedi attire. (Credit for this image goes to Ahsoka114 on

Riyo Chuchi is a Force-Sensitive female Pantoran who hails from the moon of Pantora. In her early years of life, she began a career as Senator and representative of her homeworld a couple years prior towards the start of the Clone Wars. A couple years into the War, while aiding the Republic and Jedi Order on several occassions, she then suddenly discovered previously dormant Force abilities inside herself. Why she didn't feel this connection to the Force earlier on in life is unknown, but this new revealation soon preceded her decison to journey into the Unknown Regions in order to seek new space worthy races willing to aid the struggling Republic in their efforts against the Separatists. Suddenly, a stray meteor collides with her ship, causing its Hyperdive to be activated and sending her on route to a strange and isolated world called Earth. After crash landing on the planet's surface, she meets a young teenaged Human male named Adam whom was a big fan of the Star Wars Franchise and its works, but is also shocked to see a character from one of its TV shows right in his neighbors front yard. Learning of Riyo's intentions and of what time she came from. Adam offers her shelter at his house with his family. While there, Riyo soon learns of how characters, worlds and many more subjects from her home-galaxy are all the subject of an entertainment franchise called Star Wars on Earth. Upon learning this, and feeling a strange bond between the young boy whom took her in, she decides to stay on Earth in order to learn more about its inhabitants and about the franchise related to her home. After meeting with Adam's parents and sister, they are able to create a device using materials from Riyo's ship called an Image Cloaker. With said device, Riyo can assume the physical forms of anything uploaded to its database, one of which is a teenage Human form used to blend in on Earth in order to not arrose attention from its universally ignorant inhabitants.