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Star Wars: Out of the Blue
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Jedi Alex Colbent

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October 10, 2010

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Rise of the Empire Era


21 BBY~


Out of the Blue

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Star Wars: Out of the Blue is a Fanfiction originally designed and written by Jedi Alex Colbent. It debuted on Fanfiction.Net on October 2nd 2010, set during the course of events of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. It is set in a potential 'What-if' Senario where Earth is part of the Star Wars Galaxy. Since its original launch, two spin-off series, 'Fighting fot the Future' Written by 117Jorn, and 'Into the Distance' by Blader 25.


The story begins a short while after the events of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 Episode 4. Riyo Chuchi is using her personal shuttle to travel into the unknown regions in an attempt to find allies for the Republic. En-route to her coordinates, she is contacted by Ahsoka Tano who voices her uncertainty to the Pantoran Senator's cource of action, however she is undeterred, as she is convinced she may find allies. However during her conversation, Riyo confesses that she believes she herself is Force-Sensitive, as she had been discovering many new skills and abilities she had not possessed before.

However, as they spoke about the possibilities of her Force Sensitivity, her shuttle is struck by a rouge meteorite, the impact causing Riyo to accidentally activate the Hyperdrive of her shuttle, sending it on a wild jump into the wild space, loosing contact with Ahsoka in the process. By the time the vessel is forced to drop out of Hyperspace, Riyo finds herself caught in the Gravity Well of Earth, and pulled into the surface.

Her shuttle crashes in the neighboors yard of Adam, a young star wars fan. The young man in question exits his house to inspect what fell from the sky, and discovers to his shock Riyo Chuchi inside, uncontious. After making sure she was alright, and helping her come to conciousness, Adam and Riyo exchange some information, where Adam tries his best to avoid the subject of Star Wars, however information he lets slip forces him to reveal to Riyo everything about the Star Wars universe as they know it.

After the shocking revelation, Adam and Riyo sit down and watched Star Wars: Episode I the Phantom Menace, so Riyo could get a good idea as to what she was in for in the next few weeks until her shuttle could be repaired.